Monday, November 15, 2010

Playing hard

 The down side to Ella's mobility is black eyes and bruises and things like that. The up side is that playtime is becoming way more fun and adventurous. These first four pictures are taken at this little playplace they have in our mall. What a great thing! We go there kind of a lot.

Okay mom, here I go!

This castle was a bit dangerous in that Ella found it very exciting to look up the slide where all the big kids were coming down. But as previously mentioned, the danger comes with the added fun these days. I had to swoop her away several times though.

 Here is Ella playing with a super-cool little table we borrowed from Pat and Brenda. (Ella is way indebted to them for her baby experience. They donated the green paci's too if you recall. : ) ) The table has little fruits and veggies that sing when you touch them and things like that. She loves it!

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