Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving went by in a blur

Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving! I just love Thanksgiving. Such a happy holiday. We stayed around home this year and ate with my cousin Jen who lives just a hop skip and a jump away in Raleigh. The food was good, the family was great, and the trip over involved no body scanning or pat-downs. Yay. The rest of the weekend was pretty low-key. I'll even call a day trip to Charlotte low-key since we had no schedule and it was very stress-free. We'd never been there before, so we just walked around downtown a little and had a nice dinner. Fun. Also. It is now really cold here. I'm not used to it and feel sort of annoyed. Hopefully I'll get over it soon, because we haven't even officially made it to the start of winter yet.

I did take some pictures this weekend. But not a single good one in the batch, hence the title of this post. I do think these testify to the constant motion of my baby and my life at this stage of the game. : )
Here is a shot of the end of our thanksgiving meal. Aunt Toby has a neat tradition where everybody signs the tablecloth after the meal. That's the writing you see. Good idea huh?

 The rest of these are just kinda Ella in motion. Off we gooooo!

I seriously took some bad pictures, and for some reason didn't have it in me to keep trying for a good one. Either that or Ella's just getting too quick for me now. (Santa, think image stabilization technology!)

Finally this morning I caught a quiet moment of birdwatching for Ella and Lucie. It was so cute. Someone was chirping very loudly outside the window and they were both transfixed.

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