Friday, November 05, 2010

And then there was one.

(Look how tiny!)

It's probably obvious to people who keep up with Ella on the blog that her little green pacifier is a faithful friend. Since the first night of her life, it has been such a source of comfort to her. We initially had the one green one the hospital gave us and 2 other pink ones I got from the store, but the pink ones were never favored by Ella. (They seem to be made of harder plastic). We were so happy when a few weeks in our friends Pat and Brenda gave us 5, FIVE! extra green ones they had and didn't need. But you know how it is when you have too many pens? You just keep losing them and not worrying about it because you can grab another one. We unfortunately have had the same syndrome occur with our pacifiers. We were down to 2. One in the crib and one in the carseat. But today at Target, tragedy occured.

When we arrived, I noticed the paci had fallen out of the carseat and was on the floor of the car. I put it in the cupholder of the stroller (for safekeeping--oh the irony!) in case we needed it in the store. But when we got back to the car after shopping I forgot all about it until the stroller was tidily folded up in the trunk. Nooo! You know how those things roll once they hit the floor! I looked as well as I could on the ground, but had to give it up for lost. As I backed out, though, I saw it! I quickly parked again and jumped out of my car to get it, but meanwhile a big SUV was pulling into the spot. I had to watch in helpless horror as it slowwwwwly pulled in and ROLLED RIGHT OVER IT.

The one in the crib is now the only one we have left. ( I think they do sell them in stores though . . . : ) )

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