Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Livin' in the city

Well the dust is settling (and then being obsessively wiped up by me) a little at our house. And the more that happens, the more I remember why we were so excited to get in here. It is really fun to live in the city! We have a fantastic park just a few houses down the street, and I am starting to make some forays out with the stroller into our walkable part of town. So far I have made it to the shopping center with Whole Foods and Mad Hatters (our Saturday morning breakfast spot for years), the place where Ella has her parent's morning out, a new favorite Mexican restaurant, and Brightleaf Square (where I found even more cute little boutiques than I was previously aware of). Cool! Here we are headed out to said Mexican Restaurant.

Also, an ice cream truck makes the rounds daily! We haven't actually bought anything yet for reasons mentioned in the previous post. ; ) But I love hearing the music (and feeling the remembrance of absolute panic that I wouldn't find mom and get money in time, from when I was little). It really takes me back.

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