Monday, November 28, 2011


I am very thankful to the calendar this year for giving me a few days even in the week after Thanksgiving where it is still November and I am not late for Christmas yet. Not saying I won't be late soon enough. But at least the pressure is sort of off for this minute. It is so hard to get anything at all done around here these days, down to even meals and baths for everyone! Tonight I read a beautiful magazine with all these lovely Christmas decorations and ideas for hosting parties and instituting meaningful family traditions. But most of the families featured had kids in college, I noticed. I bet those kids do their own baths. I am going to try this year to enjoy the season, but I think like last year, and even more so now that we are blessed with these two tiny daughters, I am going to ride on everybody else's coattails for all the logistics of the celebration. If you're planning something fun and festive that you are going to invite the McCalls to, we really appreciate it!

All that said, we had a wonderful wonderful time with Paul's family at Thanksgiving. (And rode on their coattails too, believe me! Thanks guys!) It was so fun to see Ella being able to really enjoy her cousins. And since Nora has a little cousin who was  born just 2 days before she was, I think she really enjoyed at least that little cousin too. We adults also enjoyed each other's company and taking in the steady buzz of commotion that 6 kids aged 5 and under produce. My sister-in-law made a beautiful Thanksgiving tree for us all to count our blessings on, and it was so nice to be prompted to do that again! My Ann Voskamp inspired gratitude journal has been languishing in all of our family craziness lately, but I love that discipline. There is so much to be thankful for! (By the way, my sister-in-law is responsible for 4 of the 6 kids, one of whom is as little as Nora, as I previously mentioned, and she put together the Thanksgiving tree. I guess I have to own that I am a slacker. : ))

Here are some photos from our time in Houston.

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