Thursday, October 18, 2012


We went to the state fair yesterday! I have previously blogged about my ambivalence toward the fair, but how it started to grow on me. Well it is still growing on me! I had the best time I've ever had there this year. It was a combination of experience teaching us how to do it right and seeing it with some of Ella's (and even some of Nora's) wonder. You could say my appreciation for the fair this year was almost as big as this tree-guy. . .

What a cool costume! I am not a big costume girl. I tend to take the whole thing far too seriously. But I really really wish I could wear this tree costume. Is that weird? It was awesome.

Ella's take on the situarion:

Anyway all that excitement was only in the first five minutes or so of our trip. There was much more fun to be had. Nora took it all in while assuming her best observation pose:

And resting when needed.

We saw all kinds of hobbyists, gigantic produce, mother and baby cows, lots of slicer/dicer thingy demos, and Ella was positively plastered in free stickers by the time we left.

Everywhere we'd turn she'd shout, "Woook!" There was a lot to see.

The last thing we did was watch Daddy throw darts at balloons to win a monkey. Ella looks a bit bewildered in this photo, and I think she kind of was, but today she correctly recapped where the monkey came from. And her full summary about the fair . . . "That was fun!"

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