Monday, October 08, 2012


 I have two girls, and am so incredibly blessed by that situation. One of the little things that makes it really fun is, being honest here, getting them dressed. There are many days when they wind up in whatever happens to be clean, or when Ella begs to wear polka dots with polka dots with polka dots. But some days, it just works out. I loved this outfit day. (Thanks so much Auntie Nic and Uncle Mike for the dresses! Too bad Isobel couldn't participate in the look as well.) And, also fun, Ella chose her own hat! What fashion insight!

About 1 hour into our day, Ella sat in some muffin, which made a really gross looking brown spot in an unfortunate location on her bottom. I didn't worry about it for most of the day until we were getting together with some friends in a public place in the evening. (Even they admitted, the stain looked really bad.) So we changed her into another pair of grey leggings, but with, wait for it, rainbow polka dots.

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