Friday, October 26, 2012


We just got back from a whirlwind trip to SoFla to see our wonderful-funderful family. Mike was stateside for his best man's wedding, so we had to go down to see him, but conveniently, this wedding happened about 10 days after darling little nephew Jakey was born. It was such a fun time. We got some great photos at the beginning of the week, and then ran out of camera memory at the end, which means that Mike, who is our least often enjoyed family member, was also practically our least photographed. Doh! I always goof up that photo documentation thing. Meg can you help me out? : )

Anyway, we arrived in style . . .

The fun of wearing sunglasses and purses in the airport could only be overshadowed by the arrival of . . . Gramma! to pick us up. The flight went great on the way down too. It was not so great on the way back. But let's not dwell on that.

Later that day we got to snuggle little Jacob for the first time, and ohmygoodness what a sweet little guy. He is so cuddly and makes all this adorable little newborn chatter. We love him.

The pretty proud mama:

On Sunday, we had an AWESOME time planting flowers with Granddaddy, while Uncle Joe worked on his car.

Have I mentioned before that my Mom is setting the psalms to music? Which ones? Oh, all of them. Yeah, she is on 138 and they are ALL memorized. Her mind must be glowing and reverberating with glory on the inside. We love to hear her music and let's be real here, a piano is a great thing to play with under any circumstance when you are two.

More Jakey love (and Aunt Megan love, sorry Meg, it's totally true, your own cuteness becomes practically invisible to the world once you reproduce. ; ) ).

See anything funny in this picture?

Ella's hiding spot was WAY more obvious in real life, but boy did she have a great time playing hide and seek with Uncle Mike. The next picture is of her bursting out of her spot in excitement, after having also been excitedly pointed out by Nora, all before Mike could even get around the corner from counting. What fun! : )

We spent a lot of time just hanging out and discussing things. And watching our kiddos play and rescuing them from terrifying (to greater and lesser degrees) doggies.

It was a great time. Wish I also had photos of our insanely windy day at the beach, our game of questions after dinner, Ella's first time getting her nails painted, and our fun brunch at a new breakfast place in town (we love breakfast places), among other things. But it was a happy week! 

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