Saturday, December 11, 2010

Awkward Awesome Family Photos

We took Christmas pictures today! Like fancy ones in a studio in front of a Christmas tree background. I felt like we were such an established family. I was the Mom, Paul was the Dad, and Ella was the Baby. Does that just sound stupid? Do you know what I mean? Anyway. I'm sure this will live to haunt us, it's a little cheesy. (Have you guys seen the Awkward Family Photos blog? It's hilarious.) But we really enjoyed it.

Without further ado:

I know, I know, I shouldn't have owned up to the pull-down background and maybe I could have passed this off for our cozy living room. Ours looks basically the same though (if you use your imagination, add in a tree and lots of presents and subtract the scattered shoes, toys, and mail).

 Thanks cousin Anna for passing on the pretty Christmas dress and bow!

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Megan Legate said...

Love you. Love you family. Love Ella's face :). Thanks for the skype call today!!