Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Favorite instrument

So last night, Mama was irresponsible and left one of these cool shakers on the kitchen floor. To be fair, Mama wasn't the one who put it there, but you know, I'll take the blame. When Dada came home, he stepped on it and it sounded horribly like it broke. But it didn't. But we decided these particular shakers should probably be off limits. They aren't officially baby toys you know. I put them away and didn't think anything of it until I turned around from the computer to find Ella like this:


Here she is making her case for how cool these things are and why she should be allowed to play with them:

 She convinced me. So I made the case to Paul and he said ok too. Score one for Ella! : ) This will just be another excellent opportunity to work on our understanding of the meaning of "gentle, gentle." (And, "pick up your toys.")

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