Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Home with the Christmas tree

We've made it all the way down to sunny south Florida! There's no snow. In fact, it's a heavenly 75 degrees. But there is a Christmas tree! Ella loves it.

I also had a moment with the Christmas tree. We only put up a tiny artificial one that we hardly decorated this year because we were going out of town and Ella is SO INTO EVERYTHING! I was just watching the tree and remembering being a little girl and feeling like it was just so special and magical to sit and watch the beautiful lights in the dark. My sister caught me sitting on the couch crying because, in my own words, "I'm just so happy to be home with the Christmas tree!" Soon I was laughing and crying my head off with my sis, one of my favorite things to do, because of her response. "I'm sure the Christmas tree is really glad to have you home too." What a silly lady I am sometimes! Of course, it's great to see my family too. : )

We've been enjoying old Disney Christmas sing along records from when I was little, making gingerbreadmen, playing blocks with Granddaddy and watching all the doggies run around. It's great to be home, and also fantastic that soon we'll be able to share  some time with the other set of grandparents too!

We'll probably be too busy to post the next week or so, but have a merry merry merry Christmas everybody!

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