Sunday, July 24, 2011

Progress at the new house

I know it's been all baby talk around here lately, and really that is the most important stuff. But there has been a lot going on at the new house lately too!

You will hardly recognize the kitchen. The pantry is gone, as well as that weird column, and of course all of the appliances and the strangely placed water heater. Oh and the floor.

But scroll back up and look carefully at where the pantry used to be, and you will see it peeking out from under the drywall . . . old beadboard! Just like on HGTV! We really found cool old beadboard underneath.

After talking to the contractor, we are going to pull some of the sheetrock down and have beadboard, but apparently it doesn't seal very well and we would lose our AC and have dirt fall on us from above if we left it everywhere. But we will have at least a couple of walls of pretty old beadboard. Yay!

The next picture is what is left of that column. It turns out that at one point it was a brick chimney. I realize this is just a pile of bricks and you probably could have imagined what a pile of bricks looks like without this picture, but I thought it was kind of neat-looking.

Here is the front room where the water went from the burst pipe. Not recognizable either, is it?

Paul has been helping some with this work. I haven't at all. It is so nice. : ) My main toil has been over at Pinterest, with an expanding board of "for the home" pins. That part is important though too, am I right or am I right?

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Megan said...

you are TOTALLY right!!!