Wednesday, August 03, 2011

More family!

Well, you can always tell when I've had company because the blog gets a little neglected. Paul's parents were here last week and we spent as much time as we could just being together. Ella really enjoyed playing with her grandparents and I think Nora was very happy to have more warm laps to sit on.

We were able to show them the new house and take them on a little tour of downtown, including Paul's office. We also enjoyed lots of delicious home cooking from Paul's mom. Oh and while they were here, we scrambled and got out of the house for, count 'em, three showings. On Monday, I had the nicest little treat when my parents-in-law took Ella and Nora to the mall playplace while I got to spend my birthday gift certificate to Anthropologie from them. Great in-laws, huh?

We had a great visit. Thanks for coming Vovo and Granddaddy!

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