Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This past weekend the McCalls had the great delight of joining a whooole bunch of Malones at a beautiful house on a gorgeous piece of the Chesapeake. This house belongs to my Aunt Debbie who just bought it and envisions us all having lots of fun family times up there. We got a great start on that last weekend, and I think we have caught the vision too!

It did start with what will probably become a legendary night of sleep deprivation, where Ella-belle treated a house full of maybe 15? 20? people to 2 solid hours of screaming from 11pm-1am. We did EVERYTHING we could think of to get her to settle down, but she was not having it. A drive around town finally did the trick, but we have never had to resort to that before. And guess what else? Nora slept peacefully in her little basket beside the pack n play the whole time. She must have been the only one in the whole house to do that.

Anyway, thankfully the other nights were much better and we had so much fun during the day that we kind of forgot about all that. Here's a taste:

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