Monday, August 22, 2011

My favorite onesie (alt. title: The blowout onesie)

I love this pink onesie. It is just the right shade, and the little ruffles are the perfect amount of sweetness without being fussy or cutesy. I know this is much ado about a little onesie, but I really like this one. Unfortunately, however, it has the magical power of inducing a blow out. This was true for Ella, who only got to wear it once or twice for more than half an hour or so, and incredibly, the same phenomenon seems to be occuring with Nora when she wears it. This picture was taken about 9 am. You can't quite see in the photo, but there is a little wet spot at her waist. Darn it! Into the laundry pile it went again. At least we got some cute shots in it today.

You would think I would learn and not put my babies in such a mischievous outfit, but it's so cute I just can't stop trying. Maybe next time it will last longer! (Exactly what I said the last time . . .)

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