Friday, August 19, 2011


This week we've been thinking a lot about the bathroom at the new house. It is so much fun to work on this stuff. And yet, at the same time I am having the sensation I had when registering for my wedding. It was something I had looked forward to for so long, but when the time came, I was totally overwhelmed and wound up cranky. I am still really excited about the new stuff. But a lot of my planning and picking out has gone like this:

Me: The bathroom looks ok, let's just fix it up.
Powers that be: Actually, you can totally redesign it!
Me: Wow! Ok, lets put the tub under the window.
PTB: Well, that won't fit to code.
Me: Ok well leave it in the corner, and we can just use the pedestal sink and toilet that were here. They are nice and simple.
PTB: Actually the toilet is cracked and you need to pick out a large vanity instead.
Me: Ok, how about one of those cool vanities that are open underneath where you can put baskets and stuff.
PTB: The vanity needs to be closed to hide the pipes.
Me: Ok well here is a closed one that looks pretty good.
PTB: The reviews on that one say it is poor quality.
Me: Ok here's another one that looks all right.
PTB: Oh actually we don't have to hide the pipes.
Me (to self): Arggghhhh! Just let me know when everything is done and I can choose the color of my towels if there is no code dictating that!!!

Grumbling aside, I am very excited. Look at this pretty clawfoot tub we inherited. And we are going to keep the brick walls uncovered. I am pretty sure we are going to go with white penny tile for the floor. (Is that crazy? White? With white grout? Will it ever appear clean? Anybody have thoughts on that?) But we've got a little ways to go as you can see.

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