Sunday, November 06, 2011

Where we're at

Any English majors out there cringing at my title? Hope not. I prefer to write the way most people speak and sometimes feel like good grammar can be pretentious. (The place at which we are? Come on.) Why am I picking fights with my grammatical friends on a Sunday morning? No idea. This, dear readers, is what we call a tangent. : )

Anyway, we are at the point with the house that I sort of forgot would come, but should have expected if I had thought about it, where the projects are mostly done, but things still look a wreck because my unpacking pace is about one box per day (on a good day) with my two little angels. We are in the "already-not yet" of moving. : ) I guess we are technically in after territory, but it doesn't totally look like it. It's not all decorated and pretty. But I am going to follow a major hospitality rule and just have you over because I like you and want to spend time together, not with the goal of showing you a perfect house.

So here you go, welcome to our new place!

 what's important is what's not here: the giant mural is a thing of the past!

 bathroom complete with mirror and piles of clothes on the counter

 cleaning supplies are in place

kitchen would be totally functional if we could just find the toaster oven!

 another mural erased

front room with no trace of burst pipe

 living room bare, but already hosting playtime

what a pair of cuties!

So there you go. This is how it's looking for the McCall family today. And tomorrow I have huge pile of boxes waiting for me to unpack that are newly arrived from the storage unit. I have to keep reminding myself that although we are going slowly, we are going and getting closer to settled all the time. I'll keep you posted and if I ever get everything all clean and cute I'll show you that too. : )

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Lauren Gyorfi said...

Love it Emily! Your house is beautiful. Thanks for posting.