Friday, January 14, 2011


For the second time today my little darling has fallen asleep on my lap. Poor thing is so tired! We woke up at 6:30 again today. The new routine is to just wake up early instead of waking up reaaallllly early to nurse and then going back to sleep. It has been working well, but sometimes makes for a tired little Ella. This week I've seen two of the first 2 hour naps I've ever seen in Ella's life! I can handle that! Also can handle not getting out of bed in the middle of the night.

So for now that leaves me to cozily snuggle here in front of the computadora and read blogs and wish I could give you a nice post from my blog, but my darn camera is under the weather again. We are working on this issue, really!

Anyway, want to see something awesome I found? This is an AWESOME presentation Renee Garner from Wolfie and the Sneak made and posted on Modish today. I don't know how to make it link more fancily, but I'm putting the link here:

And one of her great images here:

She made this whole incredible 14-slide plan for her yard that is really inspiring. I'm inspired by everything this time of year! I'm also deeply conscious that it is pretty difficult to do anything with a precious angel sleeping on your lap or tearing around the house laughing with glee as she tries to get away and get into trouble before mama can catch her. At least I have some ideas for what I would do if I ever got some time or more importantly, free hands. But for the moment, I'll just enjoy the snuggle.

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