Wednesday, January 19, 2011


 January relented a little today! All week really, it's been close to, if not quite, 50 degrees every day. But it was just beautiful outside this afternoon. Ella and I decided to spend some time on the dear old back porch we've avoided for the past few months. True, I was basically just finally winterizing things that should have been winterized about 4 snowstorms ago. But at least it felt a little like spring while I was preparing for more of what I'm sure the mean old man (Winter) will throw at us.

Ella was so happy to be reunited with pine needles.

They are really yummy too:

random funny face:

 It was actually so nice out that after our hard work we decided to sit at the little cafe table to sort the mail.

It will be really nice to look out the window at a porch that is officially winter looking, not just dead, and to know that my pretty pots are cozily waiting for spring in the shed. It won't be long til it's time to take them out!

They say that kids grow up so fast and the time just flies, and yikes they are right! I can't believe Ella is now in the double digits for months. She turned 10 months old last weekend! One year old seems like it is right around the corner now. It makes me just treasure more and more her little tiny self even as I'm so excited to see all the new things she can do day to day.

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