Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Raggedy friends

When I was little, tiny, my mom made me a Raggedy Ann doll. She is still in good shape (although she has needed some loving restorative surgery over the years after an unfortunate doggy attack). And she is now in Ella's room sitting happily beside the new Raggedy Ann which Gramma made for Ella for Christmas. It was an awesome and special gift from my mom, regardless of whether they became favorite toys or not. But to my great delight, they are favorite toys! I had been a little nervous to take them down and let my nine-month-old destroyer handle them too much. But every time we walk by them, Ella reaches out to hug them. Today I thought, they're toys! They probably want to be played with (gently!). I put them on the couch before breakfast and forgot they were there till I set Ella down to play after breakfast. She had not forgotten. She made a beeline for them and they have not left her hands, either of them, since! Here's a little snippet of their adventures. Things to note: Ella seems to be suspicious of old Raggedy's diaper, a ferocious Lucie is narrowly avoided, and absolutely on her own Ella decides the Raggedys should go for a ride in the stroller--so cool!--I promise I didn't prompt her to that.

On a cold winter's day when Mama's Bible study is cancelled due to icy roads and you can't go play with the other babies in the nursery, it's good to have such a nice little group of friends to play with

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