Thursday, January 27, 2011


Ella-belle took her first steps today! For a while she had been taking one unsupported step and then dropping down to crawl. But this morning, on her own, she decided to take two. I was very excited about that, but when I tried to get her to do a little more, lo and behold, she started walking! Look at her go! And all those first steps were in that sleeper! She was just waiting for a good chance to show off I guess. Of course she did wait until 15 minutes after Daddy left to perform! Oh well.


Auntie Nicola said...

Congratulations, Ella!! You are such a big girl now! You look fabulous! "Two legs: good"! xx

Megan Legate said...

I just watched this about 6 times and did a squeal after every one!!!! Big girl :)