Monday, January 10, 2011

Not again!

More camera trouble! I don't know what is up with it except that maybe it is just getting old and has been dropped one time too many.

The main thing I wish I could have posted was a video of Ella playing with Lucie, laughing her head off. She is just delighted that Lucie will try to take a toy or give it back. She's been offering Lucie not only Lucie's toys, but her own toys, as well as her shoes. Very sweet. And I think Lucie is finally starting to think of her as a friend, not just someone to run away from.

We are bracing for an ice storm tonight. So far we haven't seen anything but a dusting of snow. But we've been to the grocery store and we're ready for whatever may come, I hope. Except a busted camera! Hopefully we'll be back with more sweet smiles to show soon!

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