Sunday, March 20, 2011

The birthday bash!

The birthday party was great! It was perfect weather, the best you could ask for. And we had fun friends and streamers and a parade and cupcakes . . . let me show you!

Here is Ella waiting for her guests and admiring the streamers Daddy put up and all the fun things in the front yard.

Here are some of the friends:

Here we are decorating our float:

And just enjoying our float:

And getting ready for the parade!

The parade was a very happy affair:

And then we had cupcakes:

Mama had to help with the candle again:

By this time, Ella was about to fall asleep in her cupcake after all the excitement. But she was a good sport, and dutifully downed the whole thing. When I tried to take her inside to clean up with a few bites left, we had quite the protest.

What a fun day! Finally, here was my view as I surveyed the front yard and the remains of the beautiful day after it was all done. Sighhhhh . . . : )


Brenda Pun said...

Very Fun!!! Thanks for letting us be part of it.

Brenda Pun said...

Very fun! Thanks for letting us be part of it.