Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kangaroo kisses

 Ella found a new friend in the yard today. She saw him and immediately hugged him, and even gave him a kiss! Giving kisses is a new skill for sweet Ella. She says, "mmmmmah!"

What a cutie pie. I'm glad she likes our kangaroo so much. He is special because he was a gift from my parents, purchased at a kangaroo reserve we visited when I was just a teeeeny bit pregnant with Ella and a seriously sick puppy. It was a really cool place. And it was fun to see all the kangaroo mamas with their babies who you could actually see hanging out in their pouches and think about the little baby I couldn't see in my pouch. (This kangaroo is a him though, that's why I referred to him that way above. Don't ask how we know.) It's funny to think back on that trip. It doesn't seem so long ago, but look how big she is now! And giving kisses! Mmmmmah!

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