Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Well, what a big beautiful birthday day we had! In the morning, we opened presents. Ella was delighted with everything. The paper, the toys, the things to wear . . . (By the way, sorry about the blur in this first one, she was too excited to slow down for a pose!)

When she opened her bows from Aunt Nicola, she started trying to put them on. I helped her clip one in, but she kept wanting to add more until we had a head full of bows.

They are really super, she says.

We spent the morning wearing birthday clothes (not birthday suits!) and playing with toys.

The birthday princess decided she needed a ribbon necklace to complete the outfit. I think she was absolutely right. She looks perfect with it.

After a nap and lunch, we picked up Daddy for a little break from work and went to the park to swing.


And then after dinner, we had a super delish cheesecake birthday cake (with Daddy's tastes in mind, but Ella loooved it too. She ate the whole piece). Ella initially was a little skeptical about the fire in her dessert and all the singing, but she got into it once we started spooning her the goods!

And then it was off to sleep after a big day for a big little girl!

I thought it would be kind of sad to have my little baby be a big one year old, but now that we are here, I'm just proud of her! She has accomplished so much this year and has already contributed so much love and fun and delight to our world. I just can't wait to see how her little self continues to unfold.

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Auntie Nicola said...

What a perfect day. Congrats, Ellie Bellie! We ,love you xxx