Sunday, March 27, 2011

Go Daddy go!

On Saturday, Ella got to see Daddy run in his first race since she was born. I think she had a hard time picking him out amidst all the people and excitement around her. But we were there and we cheered! It was fun! Paul won his age group and got 7th overall. Of course, he was a little disappointed with his results. ; ) For Paul, athletic competition is a whole different world than for most of us. We are very proud of him. (All the way to the left in the first picture.)

After the race, while Paul was waiting to collect his award, Ella and I went to a bakery for pastries until he was done. It was fun for the first 20 minutes, and then it was hard. It felt like a perfectly orchestrated Mom Challenge scenario: you are stuck with your 12 month old in a busy restaurant with limited food and only the items in your purse to use for toys. There is a bench for baby to climb on, but no other play area to run around in. How long can you keep your baby occupied before she squeals loud enough for the other customers to glare with enough force to make you leave?

But she was cute in her pigtails. As always.

And here is another random set of cute shots from Friday. I just love that playful look in her eye. She is so much fun. (Also love that rose, Aunt Nicola!)

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