Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693 . . .

It's Pi day again! This is the day (3-14) where math lovers and pie enthusiasts join forces to celebrate. I belong in the latter category, let me make that clear. But beyond being a holiday where you eat pie (what could be better?) this day will always be special to me because on it, 2 years ago, I went into labor with my first baby darling. That day was definitely crazy, full of anticipation, and intense. Last year, Pi day found us getting ready with anticipation and mild craziness as we set up presents and tried to believe our tiny baby was going to be a big one year old. This year we are up to to similar tricks. Paul is building a play kitchen (in between stretches of fixing the server at work. Thanks for your contribution, server. : P ). 

The happy birthday banner is hung. 

And I have just got done wrapping a few things. It's like a mini-Christmas eve. : ) Except the children are not nestled all snug in their beds. Say hi, Nora!

We tried to pump Ella up for the big day as she was going to bed tonight. I told her, "Tomorrow we are going to play with friends and eat cake and see Gramma and open presents!" This was greeted with acceptance. "It's going to be your birthday!" Paul added. "Nooooo, noooooo." moaned Ella. I sort of identify with that. But I think she'll get more into it tomorrow. : ) 

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