Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ella is 2!!

What a day we had today! It was filled with family and friends, fun, delicious food, new toys, lots of warm sunshine, gajillions of renditions of happy birthday songs in various versions, and lots of general birthday cheer (and the obligatory few excitement and sugar induced meltdowns). We started off with the big reveal of the play kitchen, which turned out to be completely eclipsed by the happy birthday banner at first. But the appreciation of the kitchen definitely increased with time. And wow those pretend cupcakes are a hit. Not however, as much of a hit as the real chocolate cupcake. More about that later.

We spent the morning playing at the park with friends, then walked to the Mexican restaurant to have lunch with Daddy. After that, it was naptime. And when naptime was over it was time to pick Gramma up from the airport. Her plane was just a smidge late, so we got to watch the planes take off for a few minutes. Ella loooved it. We will be back there. Gramma was greeted with lots of smiles and hugs and silliness. Then we went to the grocery store where the girls got to ride in a car cart. Then Ella got to choose her own cupcake from our favorite Mad Hatter Bakery for her birthday cake. "Chockitt!" was the obvious and emphatic choice. And we heard about nothing but chockitt cupcake from the time it was paid for until the time it was consumed. (We did sneak a little ravioli in in that time period : ) ) Ella loved the cupcake, and Nora thought it looked pretty darn good too.

Happy birthday beautiful Ella! We are so blessed to watch you grow!

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