Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The fun continues . . .

So, as predicted, Ella really got into the birthday festivities, especially when they continued for a few days. Every morning she would want to sing "happy birdie" when she woke up, which was completely understandable! The day after her birthday, added to the excitement of Gramma being here--Gramma's bag finally arrived, and with it, a lot more presents!

Homemade tap shoes from Aunt Megan! Super!

Fun new books from Gramma and Granddaddy!

An awesome cat piano from Uncle Mike, Aunt Nicola, and Cousin Isobel which immediately produced some funky dancing.

Some food for the kitchen that you can really slice, and a sweet little chef's outfit from Uncle Joe!

Turns out the knife from that set is also good for opening presents.

The presents were great!

And then the next day we had a little birthday party! It featured bagels and boogie-ing, which you all know Ella loves.

After it was all over, we just enjoyed our party decorations, presents and music a little longer.

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