Friday, March 23, 2012

Essential potassium

Ella has been wanting to do a lot of reading together lately. It is really fun and sweet, and I enjoy her books a lot too. There is a real and simple pleasure in thinking about animals, going to bed, modes of transportation, and other themes common in little kids' books. But today, we must have exhausted the normal favorites because Ella brought me a cookbook for dog treats to read. Imagine an expectant toddler looking up at you, use your best story-telling voice, and just try reading this aloud:

The banana in these cookies provides essential potassium and the touch of honey is an extra-special treat for the sweet-tooth hound in all of them.

Did you really read it out loud? It just sounds so ridiculous. Maybe it was the moment, but I could not even get through this sentence without collapsing in giggles at the silliness of it. Ella was confused, but amused, like she wanted to hear it again to understand the joke.

If you ever need a quick dose of absurdity to liven up your day, I recommend reading a cookbook aloud. All the better if it is one for animal treats. : )

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