Monday, March 26, 2012


Well, the excitement has finally died down a bit, as much as it ever does with our crew. But we are still having lots of fun with our normal activities. I will say that coming down off of the birthday mountain was pretty hard on all of us. It involved several days where frequently 2 or more of us were crying. But finally we started to get back into the swing of things, and went to the museum.

Ella was sooo excited to go to the butterfly house. But when we got inside, she kept wailing "No fa-fa-fy get you!" (Translation: don't let the butterflies get me!) and trying to hide in my shoulder. So we left. But when this picture was taken, everyone was excited about the butterflies.

I was silly and thought I would set up the stroller with only Nora's seat because Ella has been loving to run lately. Well, she got tired. So we had to keep alternating one baby riding in the seat (yes, Ella squeezed herself in the baby seat) and one in my arms for the whole last part of the visit. Come to think of it, we were still in our post birthday funk that afternoon, or maybe it was a separate tired of walking funk. Anyway, it was funky.

However, now we are out of all that, and having good times just playing at home. Today Ella decided a crowd of her stuffed animals should sit with me, surrounding me, on top of me, on the couch. Then she climbed up beside me and wanted me to put them all on her. What fun!

Meanwhile on the floor, Nora continued mobility practice. She is so funny with her attempts. She does not like to be tummy down. She loves to sit. And she is extremely adept at streeetttttcccchhhhiiing to reach whatever she wants. She even perches up on one foot and one knee to help balance herself. I think she may be trying to avoid having to crawl altogether. I think she dislikes it so much because when she tries, she winds up pushing herself backwards and farther and farther away from wherever she wants to go. It must be so frustrating. Poor thing.

Here she is demonstrating her reach for the camera.

Anyway, here are some little pieces of our days. Hope yours are going well too!

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