Monday, August 16, 2010

Ella loves food!

Umm, Ella loves food. Since the oats episode, we have tried peas and now squash with MUCH greater success. It is so funny. We were having a really terrible evening here, just praying for bedtime to come soon. But then I decided to let her try some of the delicata squash from our garden I was cooking. Sometimes she cheers up when you put her in her chair and let her eat. Tonight was no exception. She stopped fussing, and started smiling at me and almost laughing for no other reason that I could tell other than that delicious squash. I love it too, what can I say? : )

We were feeling much better and playing with a spoon by the time Daddy came in the door. So we (he) figured, why not offer her a pickle?

Please don't sic the parenting police on me--it was Paul's idea! And it was only a little lick. Ok a big lick. And as you can see she loved it. She actually cried a little when we finally put the pickles away. 

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