Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend scenes

 Ok, so I kept forgetting my camera this weekend and we had to use Paul's phone instead. But here are some scenes from the weekend:

Yummy cupcake from Daisycakes, the cupcake truck that parks near the farmer's market on Saturday mornings.

Ella sleeping sweetly on my shoulder at the Partners Against Crime meeting I went to as a representative of our neighborhood. It was so interesting! Also really nice to meet some of our cool and hardworking city policemen, waste management folks, and other concerned neighbors. Not that anything criminal has been happening lately on our street that I know of, this was just one way our neighborhood president said I could help out the street. What model citizens Ella and I (and cameraman Paul) are! I wish I could have taken a picture of this, but the other cool thing about this meeting was that a random silver balloon floated over to me and Ella from who knows where and kept her entertained and distracted when she was starting to get vocal. It seemed poetic and magical in a way . . . thank you God!

Feeding Ella on the trail at Eno River State park. I love this carrier! And I love this pretty place. The river was clear and beautiful, and the shade was delightful. Ella got to dip her toes in a river for the first time too!

We had a nice weekend. Hope you did as well!

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Sugar Mama said...

Mom and I decided that the picture of you with the cupcake looks EXACTLY like ella. :)