Monday, August 30, 2010

Home again!

We made it home late last night, the second time in one week we did a 13.5 hour drive with a 5 month old in one day. We may be crazy, but we're getting good at it. ; ) And of course, this morning, the pile of things to do to recover from the trip is teetering sky high over me. But I did decide it was important to touch base with my bloggy friends again early. (It's before noon, ok?) And then I realized something problematic. My camera is still in Florida enjoying an extended vacay. Doh! So I figured in the meantime I would post some things to help you visualize our trip and imagine that it was way more faaaabulous than it may actually have been. However you will have to remind yourself that the sweet family time was way better than any of these imaginary pictures can convey.

This is basically what my parent's swimming pool looks like. Just imagine me and Gramma swan diving off the top ledge there, what we did pretty much all week. 

I realize this is a little lame, but I mde 2 separate trips to Ikea in the one week I was there. It's just so tempting when it's right in town. Our normal Ikea is 2 hours away! Meg and I went one day, and Paul and I went another day. Lots of inspiration was had.

I visited Meggie's cute little historic Fort Lauderdale house. Love it. See here for her whole post and more pictures.

Enjoyed the beautiful backyard that my Dad works so hard on, as well as a trip to Flamingo Gardens to celebrate his birthday.

Admired Uncle Joe's mohawk. Again, this picture is only to give you an idea, but I think this is the look he's going for.

Sorry there's no cute baby in any of these pictures, but hopefully my camera will arrive home soon, and we'll be back in business.

Hope you all had a great week!

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