Thursday, August 12, 2010


Rice cereal, as you will recall, was a huge hit. Oat cereal, not so much.

I wish there wasn't so much blur, but I think I captured the Ew! face pretty well. She was a good sport though, opening her mouth for each bite, even though as soon as she started mashing it around she reacted the same way every time. Guess she's not an oats girl. What should we try next?


Sar said...

I haven't tried any grains yet, but Noah LOVES sweet potatoes, and is also a fan of pears, plums, and bananas (watch out for constipation with those). Avacados, not so much...I think it's a texture thing. I'm gonna try yogurt soon, we'll see how that goes. :) Do you have the book Super Baby Food? I'm kinda using it, along with Real Food for Mother & Baby.

I hope Ella and Noah get to meet each other sooner rather than later...and then we can hang out too!

Emily said...

I hope Ella and Noah get to meet soon too! Thanks for the book rec, I will definitely check that out! We have tried peas since oats and she liked them better. This is fun though!