Friday, August 20, 2010

If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

That title makes it sound like I am about to post something deep. Don't be fooled. Just more baby cuteness. : ) But I do think that little saying is pretty cool and it has to do with today's activity.

Not only is the chair a fun place to eat, it is also an excellent place to try, drumroll please . . . standing!

Here's a little video of the frenzied attempts. This can go on for ten or fifteen minutes at a time. (Don't worry, always supervised!)


sadlers5 said...

HI Emily,
Just got the word you had a baby from your Dad, so here we are looking at pics! congrats and Kerry and Kevin are having their first in February,
you kids are grown up for sure now lol! Ella is a little cutie! love,

Kerry said...

Hi Emily! Looks like my mom beat me to leaving a message :) A belated congrats on your adorable little girl! She is precious. Looking at some of your pics makes me that much more excited about becoming a mom! Take care. Love, Kerry