Monday, August 09, 2010

Move to Durham!

We've been really busy and thinking about some exciting things this past weekend. I'll let ya know soon, but just wanted to check in with a little, hello!, we're still here, Ella's still cute, etc. : )

Also want to hear something cool? I love to read Lucky magazine. The very best fashion mag in print as far as I'm concerned. It has this little "beauty closet" section where one of the beauty editors writes about products she likes in a really animated, funny and personal way. Apparently she has stopped through our humble town to visit the Burt's Bees factory and this is what she said about our home sweet home,"If you want to live an earnestly, totally eco life, I suggest moving to Durham, North Carolina, stat."Well, cool! And how do you visit the Burt's Bees factory? I knew they were here and even looked into that before but thought they didn't give tours. MAybe you have to be a bigwig Lucky editor. If not, you will soon hear our report from the factory tour. 

And let me echo that editor's suggestion: move to Durham stat everybody!

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