Friday, September 24, 2010

Aughhhhhhhh . . .

Good morning.

Or is it still night? I've been up the whole time, so it gets kinda blurry.

I know you are here to listen to me, so I feel I have permission to complain to you . . . On the grand scheme of things, I am still praising God because my little Ella Bella had a healthy 6 month check-up yesterday and is the sweetest little blessing I've ever had. But on the other hand, I feel, like birdie, that even if its only out of love, she has sat on my head.

I don't know if it was because she had shots yesterday, or because we are trying to cut out the midnight feeding, or because our go to sleep routine got a little messed up last night, but Ella decided it was morning at 1 am. She talked pleasantly to herself from 1 to 3, but then after a little nap from 3 to 4, cried her head off every 45 minutes for the rest of the morning until I finally gave up at 8:15. And, sure enough, once we got out of bed, she was all smiles. And what could I do but smile back? She is down for a nap now. Hopefully it will be looooong. : )

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