Saturday, September 04, 2010


I love Saturday. I told Paul last night, "Yay, super saturday tomorow!" and he said "What's super saturday?" I explained how Saturday is just super because we get to go to the farmers market and eat delicious pastries for breakfast and then have the weekend. He thought I was talking about some special event or something, but nope, saturday is just super. Every time. Love that!

Here are me and Ella posing before we left for the farmers market because she is such a cutie with that huge flower. (We seriously love it Misty!)

This next one is blurry, but you can still tell how much fun we're having.

In the afternoon we worked in the yard a little and played at the table a little. Squash is cool to play with as well as to eat. We didn't let her play with the jalapenos. I will not play with them either.

However these linky things are just the bees knees. What a great gift Miss Martha! : )

 I just love the little wincing faces! Those arms turn out to be pretty powerful things, she finds!

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Megan Legate said...

i think maybe i want a white headband with a giant pink flower on it. what do you think? is it me?