Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time to baby-proof.

Ella has decided the first things to explore with her new-found mobility are the fireplace and the big industrial coffee table on rusty iron wheels. So. Mama is going to have to figure out a way to safen things up in here. The coffee table may have to go. But we love it! So maybe we will just tape pillows to it for a while or something. But the hearth? What do you do about that? Anyone have any suggestions? Let me just point out in the picture below that that little dark spot is where Ella was tasting the brick. It must not have been very good because that only happened once. Gramma suggested a rug over the edge. Our interior decoration may be about to take on a whole different flavor.


Sugar Mama said...

well. my first suggestion is to give your sister and her hus your coffee table. that is definitely what should happen FIRST. ya know, for the baby :)

Anonymous said...

put a blanket (thick) over the will soften a fall. maybe tape something a little softer on the corners as well.

Unknown said...

They sale a padded protective edging, specifically designed for hearths and coffee tables. They are nice and sold in neutral colors. I believe I bought mine from babies r us.