Thursday, September 02, 2010

Red bottom : (

Houston we have a problem. Our darlin' little cloth diaper model is having some serious diaper rash. I do remember reading in my What to Expect the First Year book that diaper rash is pretty common around 6 months old. But there is a complicating factor. When we were in Florida last week and using disposables, the red monster was nowhere to be seen. It had been getting kinda bad, then it totally went away on the trip. But now after a couple of days back home with cloth diapers it is raging again, even though we change the cloth way more often. Before we left we had started trying a few different kinds of cloth diapers like ones with hemp and more fleecy lining, but they are really expensive and still don't seem to be helping. I don't know what to do . . . but am thinking about trying Gdiapers, the kind with the flushable insert. This would also help with the poop situation which has become trickier since we started solids. (You are supposed to just be able to "knock" the poo poo into the toilet off the diaper, but with this consistency of food it is like trying to "knock" paste off a piece of cloth. Nothing doing.) I am wondering, do you think you can use Gdiapers inserts in regular covers? Just may give it a try. Also I wonder if the Gdiapers will help with wetness like disposables. I just hate thinking about all the trash disposables make. I heard the other day they are something like 1/3 to 1/5 of ALL our trash as a country. Yikes! I'll let you know how it goes.


Misty said...

Have you introduced a fruit or juice to Ella since the diaper rash started. Jacob would get a rash with high (acid) citrus fruit or juice. I know you are a nurse and have probably already thought of it, but I thought I would check.

Emily said...

Thank for the idea Misty, I never worked with kids as a nurse, so I'm in uncharted territory! But no fruits or juice yet, just carrots, peas, cereal, and squash.