Saturday, September 18, 2010

Farm tour

It's no secret that we love us some local food here in the McCall house. Today though, not only did we do our normal farmer's market trip,

but we also visited several of the actual farms where the food comes from. This weekend is the Carolina Farm Stewards Farm Tour. And tour we did. We went around to 4 farms, 2 outside of town and 2 more urban plots. It was nice to see healthy piggies and chickens hanging out waiting to become my food, as well as inspiring to see the awesome yard farming that's going on within city limits. Normally I wouldn't post sooo many pictures of this, but it just happened to be a beautiful day and the light was perfect and Ellie was gorgeous! Let's start with some general farm pictures of us:

This button was the ticket to get in everywhere:

Notice me peeking at you in the reflection in Paul's glasses:

Now for the beautiful baby:

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