Monday, September 13, 2010

When life gives you beans, make coffee.

The McCalls had a lovely weekend. We did our normal stuff, but with a special treat, a fantastic show on Saturday night. Have you heard of Prairie Home Companion, Garrison Keillor's radio show? If not, please do yourself a big favor and go to and start clicking and listening. I think that will convince you to find out what time your local NPR broadcasts. It is just a delight. In Durham its on  91.5 Saturdays at 6pm and then rebroadcast Sundays afternoons. But most of the crew was here live for a show at the Koka Booth amphitheater Saturday, and even though it rained on us the whole time, it was an experience of a lifetime. So enjoyable.(And it's saying a lot for yours truly to be able to pull it together and enjoy an evening of being rained on.)

Sunday was good too, prominently featuring a long afternoon nap. But also my first time teaching 4th and 5th grade Sunday School at church. I really enjoyed it and the kids seemed to hang in there with me even while patiently digging through their Bibles for a gajillion prophecies and their fulfillments. Paper airplanes were kept at bay, and thanks to several different adults, 5 dozen doughnuts showed up that morning. You could imagine a worse class session. ; )

Overall a very nice weekend.

And then there was last night.

I guess I was tempting fate by enjoying my nap so much yesterday. But it didn't feel like enough rest to prepare me for the flashback to newborn times we were all treated to last night. I mean, crying constantly for an hour from 11:30-12:30 followed by repeated wakeups and freakouts about every hour following. I'm wondering if we are maybe finally going to get some teeth? Things had been going really well until now.

But, around 8:00, when it finally gets light in our room on the west side of the house, Ella decided it was time to smile, coo, and generally be as happy and adorable as possible. I'm glad she recovered so well. I, on the other hand, am really tired and feel like circuits are firing half speed. It didn't help that the house was completely on its ear and I had to run around like crazy for 2 hours before I could get my cup of joe. But ahhhh, when I did, at 10:30, the world started to come back together. I love coffee. Hopefully round 2 which I'm working on now will see us through to a (please, God!) more peaceful night's sleep tonight.

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