Thursday, July 08, 2010

Cafe McCall


Here is where we've been having our evening dates after Ella goes to sleep. Those lights just have a magical effect on the back deck. It feels like somewhere special now. Not sure why Paul's making that face . . . probably something about me and a bug. Sometimes we have to close early when the mosquitos have devoured us too much or if a wild, crazy, rude and disgusting palmetto bug comes flying in (like tonight). Last night, a stink bug rode into the house on the fan when we brought it in. (We've been using it to hopefully blow the mosquitos away. Not sure if it's working. I guess they could be worse.) Today he spent the whole day crawling around on the kitchen window. I don't mind stink bugs too much, they don't move a whole lot and are kinda cool looking. Do they actually stink? I've never smelled one. I do know this though, the one in our kitchen was wearing bell bottoms. I can appreciate a bug like that.

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