Friday, July 16, 2010


This week Paul and I are changing the plan from me working one day a week to one day a month. I think he was liking the day with Ella, and I was enjoying getting out and seeing my work friends too, not to mention working=money. But he's not able to work from home any more, so I have been hired as stay at home mom. (Except one shift a month to keep my years of continuous service with Mr. Duke up.) This is cool and I'm really excited about it. But I am more motivated than ever to make sure I am productive and efficient with our resources. Hence, I have taken up penny-pinching.

I always thought coupons were too much work for 50 cents. But now I'm clipping. And I'm proud to report that last trip to the store I got $12 off with what I clipped (I did accidentally buy 2 things of conditioner instead of 2 in 1 for Paul. Doh! I'd say I'm still new at the coupon thing, except that was just me not reading the label. I'm sure he will enjoy the soft silky hair he would otherwise never have experienced.) Also I got us some free pavers from craigslist for a project Paul wanted to do in the back yard. And today Ella and I took a trip with our friends Mama Stephanie and Baby Evelyn to a giant consignment sale in Raleigh to pick up some of the things Ella will soon need. We got a bunch of sleep sacks- 5 for $12, a jogging stroller for $20 (very used, but what a price!), baby cups and bowls and spoons for $6, a bouncer for $7 and a crib bumper for $20. I really splurged on the bumper, but it was "almost new" and I came in way under budget with the other things.

Here are me and Ella in the thick of it. Isn't she funny hanging out of the Ergo that way? Also, I must say about the baby carrier thing, Stephanie was looking for an Ergo, and 2 or 3 other moms asked me about it there. It is a great thing. Reason number whatever is that I put the little cover up and was able to feed Ella while waiting in the 40 MINUTE CHECKOUT LINE. She was glad.

Here is the sea of baby stuff. It was all pretty well organized though:

Here are a bunch of organized Elmos. Don't they look funny all together? Quite a crew:

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Unknown said...

Julie has made a fantastic coupon guide. She routinely saves a ton of cash each shopping trip. I'd be delighted to email it to you (just p.m. on facebook your email address). Good luck with the couponing!