Saturday, July 31, 2010

Some thoughts about people and things

This morning we had a redo of a photo shoot we attempted a couple weeks ago with Annie Harrison.  It went sooo much better this time. We got together at 8:30 am this morning instead of 7 pm like before. What was I thinking with the 7 pm thing?! I mean I know what I was thinking, good lighting in the evening. But hello! Baby always freaks out at 7 pm. She did not disappoint on the freakout front that night. However our poor patient photographer was so kind as to offer to reschedule without even charging another session fee. She's so cool. : ) So this morning we took a bunch of photos which I think are going to be awesome! Annie let me see a few on her camera and I can't WAIT to have the disc! They looked really cute. I am in love with my little baby.

This whole episode reminded me of a big picture (picture, bah ha ha!) thing I've been thinking about lately. You should put people before things, relationships before accomplishments, community before location, etc. This jumped out to me while writing out and prioritizing a list of my roles for my mission statement. It turns out that my top 4 "roles" in life are relationships, way ahead of any jobs or other things I do. As I kept thinking about this, I realized that most tasks and activities are just a contexts for relationships: nursing is just caring for people alongside other people, keeping house is just creating an environment for love between people to take place, making art is just sharing beauty with people. They always say when you write you should keep your audience in mind first and foremost, and I think this is true for just about everything you do. You've got to do it all for people. And especially for the one most important Person (you know, God). So I should have remembered that Ellie was important, not the light. Doh! I'm trying to get better. : )

And in keeping with the idea that my bloggy audience would like some cute photos of our little pretty, here you go! These are of Ella with our farmers market flowers for the week.

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