Friday, July 30, 2010

Good morning morning!

Well, miss Ella woke mama up at 6:45 today, really a pretty reasonable hour. After the cold, we seem to thankfully be back on  the one wakeup per night schedule again. That is so nice and manageable. Normally though, after the 6-7 am feeding, I try to get Ella back to sleep so I can sleep a little more too. But today, even though she did go back to sleep, I got up. And I remembered why I am a morning person. (hard to remember when you don't wake up til 8!)

It is so nice and cool today! Heavenly outside. I found that out while unloading the car from my lucky strike yesterday at NC State. I finally took my last pattern-making project down there to finish up the class I hadn't been able to finish when Ella was born. It felt good to get that done. But also whoopee!--someone had donated the entire contents of a Carter's factory that had closed to the college of textiles, but they didn't need the stuff. My professor was even so lovely as to box up and help me carry out the loot she offered! I got a whole box of thread, some of it embroidery!, several ROLLS of fabric--probably more than 30 yards, 2000 yards of elastic, and 2 professional quality children's draping forms. What does one do with 2000 yards of elastic? That, dear readers, remains to be seen. : )

Ella's new mannequin:

Also this morning, I worked on my mission statement. This is something that was suggested by the cool mom who writes Inspired to Action, and explained in her little free e-book. I think I'll post more about that later when I get mine worked out. But it has been really good to think through. And I find that for me, the best time to think about things like life mission statements is really early on a beautiful day.

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