Monday, July 05, 2010

May the Fourth be with you

Yesterday we went to the Bulls game for the 4th. We love doing that. I think it us superbly 4th-of-July-American to go see a baseball game (minor league no less) and then have fireworks at the end. We had a great time! The game was good--we won! Against Gwynett, too, who we have seen slaughter our poor Bulls before. The fireworks were great. Possibly because they were so stinkin close that we (I) felt the urge to dive under the stands a couple of times. I actually came up with a plan, and discussed it with Paul, that if burning ashes started landing on our heads we would huddle together with Ella underneath us and put the baby carrier over us. No such defense was needed, thankfully, but wouldn't you rather be prepared? ; )  Ella was a champ for the whole outing. Our baby likes to go out and have fun. I was pretty nervous before the fireworks started that they would be too loud and scary. But with Daddy's hands firmly over both ears, she just kind of watched them stoically and then promptly fell fast asleep as soon as they were done. I hope she liked them. I have been having this conflict with myself over how much to bring Ella around to and what to expose her to as a baby. On the one hand, I just can't wait to show her all the cool stuff this world has to offer. Like the wave.

On the other hand, I don't want to be a bad Mama who overstimulates and maybe endangers her baby by dragging her all over town when she should be comfortably nestled in her little crib, gradually learning about lambs and duckies before fireworks. What I thought to myself as I was watching the fireworks last night was that some people seek out adventure in life and others would rather stay safe. I like to have a little bit of adventure and I want to teach her to like it too. But as long as she is with her parents, I think she can be safe to have adventures. Daddy can protect her and Mama can hold her hand, just like we did last night during the fireworks, but we can do some really cool things. So that's where I am with all that this morning. Ella, on the other hand is fast asleep still at 10:00 am after her big day yesterday. : )

Oh and guess what . . . no more infant insert needed in the ergo:

 (I hope the Cakewrecks reference was appreciated Mom!)

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