Monday, July 26, 2010

Four generations

This weekend Gramma and Ella and I drove allllll the way up to Pitman NJ to visit Ella's great grandmother, who is her namesake by the way. (We are all feeling much better now, thanks!) It was a 9 hour drive each way, but Ella is getting a lot of practice at tolerating her carseat and does really well considering she is just a sweet little tiny baby. Also it helped to have Gramma and birdie in the back next to her for part of the trip, both singing away. How fun! : ) Here are Ella and Gramma enjoying a relaxing rest stop at Mickey-d's.

It was fantastic to have Ella meet her great grandmother. My grandma is 99 years old, almost exactly 99 years older than Ella, and is really fading. She mostly sleeps, and can't remember anything at all. For instance, after a trip away from us to the nurses station she was rolled back in her wheelchair saying, "I know my family is not in there, I don't have a family." She is in a really hard part of her life right now. But she is definitely able to enjoy individual moments and absolutely loved meeting Ella. She was more animated that we've seen her in years. Every so often she would again notice Ella and say, "Well who's that little fella?" (Should have remembered a bow!) And once she was told who she was just kept saying, "hey little girl!" and practically giggling.

It was a really nice visit.

The 4 generations together:

Not a great picture, but a really great thing.

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