Friday, July 23, 2010


Y'all. The McCalls are sick.

Ella started the whole thing. The poor kid has been sniffling and snuffling and having the hardest and most uncomfortable time for the last 2 days. And to show you how selfish I am, I didn't post a thing about it until I came down with it. But I am not even that sniffly yet and my throat is killing me! Poor Ella couldn't even tell us she was feeling bad at that point. Boy am I telling Paul I'm feeling bad. And he in turn, tells me how bad he is feeling. (He stayed home from work today on an official sick day.)

The important thing now is for everyone to pray for Gramma (who is coming to visit tonight, yay!) not to catch it and bring it back down to infect our family in Florida, some of whom have enough ailments already thankyouverymuch.

Don't you hate being sick?

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